• Welcome to the Golden Tee

  • Welcome to the Golden Tee

  • Welcome to the Golden Tee

Our Story

At The Golden Tee, we redefine indoor golf entertainment. Our cutting-edge simulators and inviting environment create the perfect blend of fun and competition. Whether you’re here for a solo practice session, a social play with friends, or a corporate event, we promise an unforgettable experience.

Our Facilities

Explore our Industry Leading facilities, designed to offer you the best golfing and social experience. With over 1400 world-class courses, a cocktail bar, and multiple screens to catch the latest sports action, there’s something for everyone.

Why TGT?

Step up your game with the industry leading launch monitor. This little wizard measures your swing down to the millimetre—seriously, it even knows what you had for breakfast. With unmatched accuracy, it captures every swing, shot, and putt with impeccable detail.

Known as the most reliable indoor launch monitor on the market, it uses fancy photometric technology to tell you everything from ball speed to clubhead data. Trusted by pros and weekend warriors alike, this is your secret weapon for serious bragging rights.

Want to impress your friends and elevate your game? This is your ticket. Discover the gold standard in launch monitor technology and see the difference for yourself.

Ready to experience The Golden Tee difference?

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Got Questions? We’ve got answers!

We are on the first floor of the Morning Glen Mall, corner Kelvin and Bowling in Morning Glen, Johannesburg.

No sweat! We are equipped to handle righties and lefties, even if you’re playing a round together. Lefty clubs are also available as part of our complimentary selection.

Athletic wear is ideal, but the key is to be comfortable swinging a golf club. Our environment is casual, so proper golf attire isn't necessary. Sneakers or any rubber-soled shoes are recommended for indoor play. Please avoid your golf spikes, dress shoes or any footwear with slippery soles.

It’s never a bad idea to practice with the clubs you plan to play with outside, but it is not necessary at our venue. We have Top-of-the-line Callaway clubs including drivers, that are available to use at no additional cost. Women’s, kids’, and left-handed clubs are also available. If you’re looking for intermediate or pro clubs, you are welcome to rent these from our reception area.